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July 23, 2013 / 9am to 8pm

Wedding Photographers

7MA_2875(WebReady)Get more clients!

Make more money!

Become more efficient!

Learn new lighting techniques!

Win awesome prizes!

6 reasons you won’t attend this seminar…

You can’t get a weekday off from work7MA_7807(WebReady)
Your business doesn’t need to grow
You have all the clients you could ever want
You don’t like hanging out with other photographers
10 hours of amazing education isn’t interesting
You don’t trust cheap entry fees

Don’t miss the showcase of the amazing new Lowell GL-1 LED spotlight!

Presented by authorized GL-1 trainers with a Real Bride posing in her dress.



Colorado Wedding Photographers… You need to know The Honest Truth – about the wedding industry! This is an informative event for the aspiring and growing pro wedding photographer. It will open your eyes to the hidden realities of the wedding photography world and the unforeseen blunders you can’t afford. If you want your business to grow with a solid foundation and future security you will want to get your seat at this seminar… and fast!


Only $20?

Your entry fee goes directly to the amazing food you’ll enjoy during dinner.  As for everything else, the people involved are so passionate about helping others in this industry that they want to help grow your business freely and organically through this event.


Why is it on a Tuesday?

Weddings don’t normally happen on a Tuesday.


Why should I go?

You want to go because you care about growing your business, learning new tricks, and reaching more amazing clients.


But I’m doing great and have awesome friends who love my work!  Why do I need this?

Learning in a vacuum basically sucks in the end.  Tapping into the knowledge of industry leaders and those who support them is so important to the success of your service.  Your future clients depend on you, so you want to be certain you’re ready to deliver.

Door prizes include…

lightroom5 starbucks-icon backblaze-logo

2 FREE upgrades to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

6 $10 Starbucks Cards

2 FREE 1-year subscriptions to BackBlaze backup solution

5 FREE DSLR sensor cleaning certificates from Metro Camera Services

PLUS other great surprise perks from various photography services

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